CIT provides NIH users and external collaborators with information technology (IT) services and tools ranging from collaboration technology and applications for administrators to robust networks, hosting, and technology training.

Browse the cards below to see IT services and information for some of the most commonly requested services at CIT.


Mobile-device management, file-sharing and -management systems, and video and desktop communication tools allow researchers, scientists, operations staff, and administrators to work when—and where—they need to.

Applications & Systems

NIH relies on CIT's enterprise-level software applications and websites, data, and analytics for scientific research and discovery programs and finance and administrative functions.

Hardware & Software

CIT provides a full complement of support and monitoring services and IT trouble-shooting resources for more than 19,000 mobile devices and 50,000 computers in facilities around the country. The Information Systems Distribution & Procurement (ISDP) program can assist the NIH community in the acquisition and licensing of software.

Accounts & Access

CIT’s systems help NIH technical staff protect NIH information resources by ensuring that the right people at NIH and around the world can access the right networks, computers, applications, websites, and other resources at the right time and for the right reason.

Research Computing & Systems

CIT supports the work of NIH’s Intramural Research Program investigators and external collaborators by providing scientific computing services and tools such as cloud computing, scientific applications, and high-performance computing.

Hosting & Storage

CIT’s hosting environments, integrated, scalable database solutions, and data storage and backup options allow NIH staff and collaborators to securely run applications and store and manage data.


CIT provides the infrastructure, including data centers, response systems, wireless access, cabling, and network security, that supports NIH's digital and virtual networks and environments.

Business Operations

CIT provides a suite of comprehensive business solutions such as a business intelligence and analytics application, cloud resources, and technology training programs.

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