Software Licensing

Software Licensing

Through the Information Systems Distribution & Procurement (ISDP) program, we manage and provide a vast suite of valuable software at a discounted rate, saving NIH time and money on work-related tasks. ISDP allows NIH to maximize resources by Identifying the most effective product pricing options, negotiating, and streamlining product accounts to manage costs and demand.

Tools and Products

ISDP Program

The ISDP program acquires and delivers discounted software to NIH and HHS personnel. ISDP leverages large volume purchasing agreements to secure significantly discounted prices for its customers. The program performs market research, collects software product information, and negotiates directly with vendors to obtain the best possible price. This allows ISDP to present its NIH and HHS customers with the benefit of saving both money and time. You can find a selection of software through the ISDP program, including security, scientific modeling, statistics, VPN, account access, and warranties.



ISDP IC/Agency

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