Operations Management Services (OMS)

Keeping NIH Systems Healthy with Comprehensive Monitoring and Incident Response

With 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year monitoring, CIT ensures services, applications, hardware, software, facilities, and infrastructure are operational and accessible to NIH employees when they need them.


IT Monitoring & Management

The Technology Operations Center (TOC) is a centralized hub staffed 24x7 to monitor the status of NIH IT operations and events, oversee monitoring and notification services, and provide incident-management services in the event of an IT incident.

We also perform a root-cause analysis for each incident to identify problem areas and recommend steps to prevent future outages.

Each year, the TOC creates more than 300 notifications to inform the NIH community about the status of critical services and maintenance activities that can impact the work employees do to support NIH research.

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If you want more information about our services, including how to acquire or implement them, contact CIT.

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