Network illustrating high speed and high bandwidth

Through a modernized network—both high-speed and high-bandwidth—NIH researchers and external collaborators are now transferring large research data sets at faster rates than ever.



NIHnet is a high-speed, highly available network that interconnects NIH, the commodity internet, and the Internet2 research network. NIHnet runs a 100G backbone—which runs up to 50,000 times faster than the Internet access for most U.S. households—that provides fast, secure, consistent connections for network traffic, even when there are hardware or software disruptions or slowdowns.

Enterprise Network Services

Offering speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gb/s), NIHnet Enterprise Network Services (ENS) provides network connectivity to end users at ICs on and off the NIH campus.

Wireless Network Services

The NIHnet Wireless Network Service provides wireless access for NIH staff and visitors and is a critical tool for nurses and doctors who to enter patient information.

Application Delivery Service

The application delivery service provides load-balancing between applications and servers. It also increases the availability of applications by directing traffic to healthy servers and away from servers that are experiencing performance difficulties.

Network Security

CIT provides vital network security to NIH networks that prevents untrusted, unauthorized devices from accessing NIH network resources and infrastructure. Some of our offerings include secure connections to external groups such as the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), medical institutions, and research facilities, NIH's Virtual Private Network (VPN) and web filtering to prevent access to dangerous websites, and protecting users by automatically stopping web-based attacks.

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