Facilities & Data Centers

enterprise server data center

CIT provides the necessary infrastructure to protect the systems that support NIH’s digital and virtual networks and environments.


Data Center Network & Services

CIT’s Network Services team ensures connectivity for the NIH Data Center’s main floor and co-location areas, in order to provide key server infrastructure that support some of NIH’s most critical services. 

Our data center services provide facilities infrastructure planning and management, support for the installation and decommissioning of IT systems, facilities access controls and security, media sanitization, and systems colocation services.

Emergency Response Systems & In-Building Cellular Systems

The Emergency Response System (ERS), In-Building Cellular Distributed Antenna System, and Signal Service for assigned personal pagers (102 paging) support the NIH community and critical services including first-responder organizations, the NIH Clinical Center, and NIH’s Office of Research Facilities (ORF).

Plant Cabling

We manage the design and installation of the infrastructure graphical database, inside plant cabling, and outside plant cabling.



Tony Trang

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