Conference Room Design & AV

people holding meeting in a conference room with audio-visual capability

We build, design, and provide technological support for NIH collaboration spaces. Hold a group meeting even though people are located stationed in three different buildings on two different campuses, meet with a group across the country without leaving your office, or conduct a public forum without renting conference space.


Consulting for New AV Systems & Upgrades to Existing AV Systems

Our certified audio-visual engineers consult with NIH groups on AV and conferencing needs, then design your multimedia conference room to integrate with other UCC services such as video conferencing.

Installation, Troubleshooting & Repair Services

With all the planning, specifications, and ordering complete, the physical installation of a new conference room can proceed. Once the room is ready for use, we train personnel on how to use it and provide ongoing maintenance, so the room is always ready for the next meeting.


NIH IT Service Desk 



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