Cloud for Business and Administration

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CIT offers NIH business and administrative groups access to an enterprise cloud environment for NIH-managed data and systems. This environment provides secure access to cloud resources and streamlines the process of getting started in the cloud—reducing the workload of securing and documenting your system.

What Cloud for Business And Administration Offers NIH

A Simplified Setup Process

A simplified setup process to access commercial providers with assistance, consultations, and guidance from CIT.

Seamless Integration to NIH Systems

Seamless integration with NIH systems and environments.

Common-Sense Information Security Controls

Common-sense information security controls and guardrails are in place.

Secure Connectivity between NIH Systems and Commercial Providers

Secure, dedicated connectivity for data/file transfer from the NIH to the commercial providers.

Consultation and Guidance

Support and guidance from our cloud experts including easy-to-follow documentation and templates.

Ready to learn more about how you can use the cloud for your needs?

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