Identity and Access Management Services

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services supports the safety and security of NIH applications, networks, systems, and data by authenticating and enabling authorized users to access these IT resources.

IAM also provides directory services that help facilitate more efficient communication among NIH and its stakeholders. IAM is responsible for the management of NIH Login, a service that ensures secure access to web applications and websites.


Other Identity and Access Management Services

Identity Data Services

Manage information about people, their roles, and their affiliation with NIH.

Access Management Services

Ensure that access to NIH IT resources is secure and appropriate.

Account Management Services

Provide self-service tools people can use to help them maintain their NIH account (e.g., password self-service). 

Credential Management Services 

Provide the keys, tokens, certificates, etc., that people and things need to prove they are who they say they are.

Federation Services 

Facilitate trusted collaboration among colleagues and external partners.


I Forgot My Password
Enables people to reset their NIH Active Directory password (includes HRSA and NIHEXT directories).

Identity & Access Management Self-Service (must be logged in to NIH)
Enables owners and managers of email distribution lists to add or remove people and permissions. Allows the distribution list owner to add or remove additional people to act as managers of the distribution list. Also enables mailbox administrators to manage permissions on mailboxes in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud.

Information About Smartcards 
How to use smartcards (PIV cards), manage your certificates, and more. 

Test Your Smartcard (must be logged in to NIH)
Test whether your NIH smartcard is working properly.

Two-factor Authentication for NIH Webmail
Enhanced secure login for on-premises NIH webmail.

Self-Service Portal for RSA Secure ID Tokens (must be logged in to NIH)

Active Directory Tool for System Administrators (must be logged in to NIH)

External Active Directory 
Provides access for those outside NIH who need access.

NIH Identity Data Services
Provides information for system administrators who need real-time access to information in both NED and Active Directory from one place.


Contact us

For more information about Identity and Access Management Services, contact:

  • Jeff Erickson

To request a specific service, contact the NIH Service Desk:

  • NIH Service Desk website
  • 301-496-4357 (local)
  • 866-319-4357 (toll-free) 
  • 301-496-8294 (TTY)
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