Business Application Services

Business Application Services (BAS) helps NIH customers by developing software and websites and providing maintenance of NIH applications. Business Applications Services also provides administrative data and information delivery for NIH’s analytics and reporting needs using the NIH Business Intelligence System (NBIS), a next-generation business intelligence solution for NIH. NBIS is also known as nVision. 

BAS program managers and technical experts oversee IT initiatives at NIH, engage with customers to understand their business requirements, and work to deliver the product, application, or service that best meets the customers’ needs.


Other Business Application Services

Enterprise Application Services

BAS provides support throughout the lifecycle of the application, including development as well as operations and maintenance.

Business Intelligence Services

The nVision program provides enterprise-wide business intelligence and analytics information delivery to multiple stakeholders across the NIH community including executives, management, and operational staff to meet their specific data and reporting needs.

NIH Enterprise Web Services

BAS uses the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) infrastructure to create a shared “superhighway” for data, messages, and events. 

Custom Application Development 

Custom software programming to develop computer applications. BAS uses software technologies such as Microsoft .NET and PHP. 

Web Design and Development

For projects small and large, BAS gathers requirements, assists with organizing your content, creates custom-designed prototypes, codes the HTML, imports the content, and maintains your website.

Content Management System (CMS) Service

BAS develops enterprise-level intranets as well as large-scale websites using technologies such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Drupal. These can be customized to enable business owners to control their own content and foster collaboration. 

IT Project Management

BAS provides oversight and management of full systems development lifecycle (SDLC) with an approach tailored to meet the needs of your program. 


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Contact Us

For more information about Business Application Services, contact:

  • Ryan Wilvert for nVision and Business Intelligence services

To request a specific service, contact the NIH Service Desk:

  • NIH Service Desk website
  • 301-496-4357 (local)
  • 866-319-4357 (toll-free)
  • 301-496-8294 (TTY)
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