Scientific Tools

By providing NIH’s Intramural Research Program (IRP) researchers with scientific computing services and tools such as cloud computing, scientific applications, and high-performance computing, we make it possible for them to pursue questions that were once beyond their reach in areas including, but not limited to: genomics, drug discovery, and molecular and structural biology. 

These scientific computing tools allow for the adoption of new biological discovery platforms that generate massive amounts of data. The tools also drive the kinds of scientific analyses that are integral to conducting biomedical research. 

The tools and services provided by CIT include:

  • A customizable bioinformatics system called the Biomedical Research Informatics Computing System (BRICS) 
  • A vehicle to access cloud environments called the STRIDES Initiative 
  • A core enterprise-wide, high-performance computational environment, which includes NIH’s supercomputer, Biowulf 

CIT’s dedicated team of experts also provides support—such as one-to-one consultations, office hours, training, etc.—to the NIH researchers.

Learn more about these tools and how to leverage them for biomedical research.

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