High-Speed Research Network

Through a high-speed, modernized network, NIH researchers and external collaborators can safely transfer large research data sets at rates faster than ever. CIT’s enterprise network serves over 40,000 people in more than 100 labs and facilities.

CIT’s network services provide NIH staff and external collaborators with the following:

  • Wireless access for NIH staff and visitors
  • A 100G backbone that provides fast, secure, consistent connections for network traffic
  • A secure remote connection so that NIH staff can access NIHnet and their work files anytime, anywhere.
  • Protected network connectivity for utilities monitoring, physical security, and environmental systems support
  • High bandwidth data transfer for researchers
  • Load-balancing between applications and servers
  • User protection from web-based attacks

Learn more about our high-speed network on CIT's network service page.

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