Identity and Access Management Services (IAM)


By ensuring that the right people can access the right resource, at the right time, and for the right reason, CIT’s account, access, identity, and authorization systems help enable the NIH mission and protect NIH information resources.


Identification Cards & Badges

NIH Personal Identity Verification (or NIH PIV) cards, Restricted Local Access Badges, and Alternate Logon Token Cards act as official IDs and access keys for logging into NIH IT systems, such as the NIH network, NIH computers, and NIH applications.

NIH Account Management

The NIH Active Directory provides the infrastructure for NIH institutes and centers (ICs) to integrate with NIH systems. Services available through the NIH AD include single sign-on, location-independent access to resources, and Microsoft Windows management and security. We also provide supporting self-service portals for changing NIH account passwords or unlocking NIH accounts.

NIH Auth Services (Authentication and Authorization)

We provide NIH with a centralized identity authentication and authorization system. ICs can use IAM services to validate users to access applications, obtain authoritative information about users, and for public directory service and look-ups.

We also provide federation services that allow NIH staff to use PIV credentials to log into external sites and external collaborators to use external credentials to log into NIH web sites and applications.

NIH Secure Connections

CIT helps secure the NIH network by encrypting network communications and the identity of devices on the network through a ticket-granting service to authenticate to network resources; a secure proxy server for requests from client systems trying to connect to other NIH network resources; and a device public key structure that provides certificates to computers, websites, and code.

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If you want more information about our services, including how to acquire or implement them, contact CIT.

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