Business Application Services (BAS)

Systems Designed to Support Scientific Research and Business Operations

Through enterprise-level software applications and websites, data, and analytics that support research and business operations, we allow NIH to make data-driven decisions that support NIH in its overall mission.


Enterprise Platforms

We provide an IT service management automation platform that assists NIH IC service desks, and NIH Enterprise Web Services, a shared superhighway for data, messages, and events for NIH systems, are two enterprise platforms that support critical day-to-day operations across NIH.

Enterprise Applications

We provide full lifecycle support, including operations maintenance, and development activities for the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED), the Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS), the NIH Enterprise Ethics System (NEES), the Director’s Document and Records Management System (DDRMS), FOIAXpress (a system that  provides a single, unified platform for managing the entire lifecycle of FOIA requests and appeals), and Scientific Coding System (SCS) OnDemand.

Business Intelligence

The NBIS program (also known as nVision) is a major application that provides enterprise-wide administrative business intelligence and analytics solutions on finance, property, human resource, contract, and travel data to stakeholders across the NIH community.

Applications & Web Services

We provide scalable custom applications including workflow oriented online reporting systems, dashboards, and content management systems (CMS), using .NET, FileMaker, Drupal and SharePoint Online. Through NIH Web App Solutions, we build and maintain NIH websites through requirements-gathering, content management, custom prototypes, and coding.

We provide tailored oversight and management of the full systems development lifecycle (SDLC) and monitoring of contractor performance of the technical requirements to meet the needs of NIH programs.

With the creation of the enterprise application FOIAXpress, numerous, fragmented systems have been consolidated, resulting in improved compliance, automation, and user experience for NIH FOIA.

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