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NIH Telecom and Directory Services

The hard copy NIH Telephone and Service Directory is published and distributed annually.

Mass circulation is managed by CIT Telecommunications Branch Directory Services. Please e-mail inquiries to or phone 301-594-9448.

The information in the Published Personnel Listing and the NIH Telephone Operator’s Database is derived from the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED). Employees can update most of their information by using the NED employee update service. Visit the NED site and click on “Update” for detailed instructions on updating your record. Contact your Administrative Officer if you experience any problems.

NIH listings that appear in the Public Directory Blue Pages are managed by CIT Telecommunications Branch. To add, delete or change NIH listings in the Blue Pages submit a Telephone Service Request (TSR).

To access the electronic version of the NIH Telephone and Services Directory visit the website  or to obtain additional information related to Telephone Directory Services, please e-mail 

Did you know? NIH Telephone Directories can be recycled as mixed paper!

For additional information, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk:

Phone: 301-496-4357 (301-496-HELP)


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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011