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NIMH IRP Annual Retreat

NIMH IRP Annual Retreat The Intramural Research Program’s Scientific Retreat provides an opportuntiy for NIMH Fellows and Investigators to discuss the science being conducted throughout the IRP in an informal, social environment.


We were first contacted back in 2000 for the 4th annual retreat. In discussions with the client it appeared that three different registration forms were required – one for Investigators, a second for any one else who wanted to submit an abstract for poster or oral presentation, and others who wanted to register without submitting an abstract.

Our Approach

We designed the entire site, creating a new logo just for the retreat website. Three different forms were created all feeding into a single database. Additional hidden fields on the form were used to designate which form was used for the registration.

NIMH organizers were able to use work directly in FileMaker Pro to manage the registration process as well as to print reports and badges.


The 8th annual retreat – our fifth version – was recently held. Over 250 NIMH Intramural staff members registered on line for this retreat. Over the years, additional enhancements have been added to allow more types of reports and more formatting to assist the retreat coordinators in preparing for the retreat.

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