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Domain Name Services (DNS)

A Domain Name System is a network of servers that maps Internet domain names to their numeric IP addresses.

The NIH External Domain Name Service (DNS) provides authoritative name resolution for NIH domains such as and the various subdomains such as to support Internet users and systems outside of NIH who need to access NIH data. Internal resolution for NIH users is provided by the Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS).

The NIH External DNS service consists of three servers housed in physically diverse locations: two are within the main NIHnet network and a third is located on the NIH Consolidated Co-Location Site (NCCS) network in Sterling, VA. Because the NCCS network can operate independently of the main NIHnet network, external systems will be able to resolve NIH domain information even if the entire NIHnet network is inaccessible. This model, adopted by all major Internet Service Providers, ensures that NIH domains and IP addresses can be resolved in any number of disaster situations.

To make a DNS service request, please visit the NIH Domain Name Service (DNS) home page.

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This page last reviewed: June 25, 2012