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NIH Portal

The NIH Portal typifies the Department's push toward information technology consolidation, allowing the user to present their content to others without being burdened by expensive page presentation design, and at the same time removing reliance on the distinct web addresses and need for browser bookmarks.

The NIH Portal is available 24/7 for all NIH users who may customize their own portal pages with hundreds of “portlets” that leverage existing NIH applications such as ITAS, Shuttle Schedule, Pubmed, Exchange Email/Calendar/Contacts, and many more. These gadgets expose the most used functionality that the majority of NIH users need, all presented with an identical user interface. In addition, portal links and gadgets that make use of DECA’s NIH Login facility are accessed with no further need to enter usernames and passwords.

Communities are also available which allow designated leaders to present pages intended either for all of the NIH or select user groups. Community users can collaborate via on-line discussions, document sharing/workflow, calendaring and task lists. A document directory is available for Community Managers to utilize which contains aggregated and categorized websites and documents centralizing knowledge from around the NIH.

For additional information please contact:

Charles Mokotoff
Technical Lead, DECA/CIT

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011