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NIH Paging Network

Learn how to use and program your Multitone Pager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's authorized to receive an NIH Pager?

Any NIH employee who has the approval of a supervisor or higher level may be authorized to purchase an NIH 102 Pager.

Who do I contact to order a new pager? / What is the process for ordering the 102 Pager?

Contact your Administrative Officer (AO) to request a new Pager. Your Administrative Officer will submit a DELPRO (Delegated Procurement) request. A remedy ticket will be assigned to an Electronic Communications Facility Repair Team member to process the order.

How long will it take to receive my new 102 pager?

You will receive your 102 pager within 5 business days once CIT receives a signed Billing Authorization from your IC's Administrative Officer.

How do I use my 102 Pager?

When your new 102 Pager is delivered, you will receive an instruction booklet.

Calling Process:

1) Calls initiated from an NIH exchange numbers, should dial 102. Calls initiated from a non-NIH exchange number should dial 1-800-NIH-BEEP (1-800-644-2337).
2) Caller will then hear a voice prompt directing them to enter a 5-digit Pin Number
3) Caller enters the users 5-digit Pin number*
4) Caller will then hear a voice prompt directing them to enter the message to be displayed
5) Caller then enters the numeric message to be displayed
6) Caller hangs up or presses the pound (#) sign to end call

*Note: All callers will need to know the 5-Digit PIN number of the person they wish to dial.
Callers who do not know the PIN of the person they wish to call may dial NIH Telephone Operator Services at 301-496-4000 for information.

For additional information, please call the NIH IT Service Desk: 301-496-4357 or request assistance on-line at the:

What is the Wireless Orchestrator and how can I get it?

The Wireless Office Messenger provides users with a simple messaging tool that creates and sends messages from your PC with a personal address book option, as well as server address book accessibility. (access Wireless Orchestrator - make sure that your browser is set to allow pop-ups)

Who supplies batteries for the 102 Pagers?

The IC is responsible for supplying replacement batteries for the 102 Pager.

What NIH exchanges can dial the 102 Pagers?

All NIH exchanges 480, 451, 402, 443, 594, 435, 496, or 827 can dial the NIH Paging Network simply by picking up the phone and dialing 102.

Do I need a 102 Pager and a regular Commercial Pager?

IC guidelines and approval determines the type of Pagers assigned to staff members, along with personal preferences and job requirements.

Where can I find my 102 Pager number?

The NIH Paging System is dependent on a 5-Digit Pin Number that is assigned by CIT upon issuance of a Pager. Contact the NIH IT Service Desk 301-496-4357 for additional information.

Can the number for a 102 Pager be changed to another number that I would like?

No, the NIH Network Pagers are configured for usage and programmed to a pre assigned PIN Number issued by CIT/DNST. Pre-selection of PIN numbers is not allowed due to potential programming conflicts.

Once a PIN number is assigned it will not change unless an IC cancels the PIN or associated user information.

When a customer leaves NIH or the pager is given to another staff member, The IC must notify the NIH IT Service Desk at 301-496-4357 or on-line at  so that the pager database can be kept updated and accurate.

This is similar to notifying the telephone company when you move and having them update the telephone directory.

I want a regular (Commercial) Pager, where can I get more info about obtaining one?

Commercial Pagers are purchased directly from the Vendors. Your AO can assist you in purchasing a Commercial Pager.

Who do I contact for 102 Pager repairs?

Contact the NIH Help Desk to have a remedy ticket submitted to the Pagers/Two Way Radio Support Team in CIT.  A determination will be made if the unit can be repaired. Spare replacement and/or loaner pages may be available during failures or during repairs and will be programmed to the associated PIN Number of the user. If it is beyond repair, submit a request for a new Pager.

How long does it take to repair a 102 Pager?

Repair and shipping typically takes about ten (10) business days or two weeks. The time it takes to make a repair may depend on the severity of the problem and/or the availability of parts associated with the broken Pager.

What happens if I lose my 102 Pager?

Contact your Administrative Officer, (AO) if you lose your Pager. The following User Information is required when reporting a lost unit:

- Pager Number
- User Name
- Pin Number

It is important to report the loss to CIT so that the service can be disabled until the Pager is found or replaced. For additional information, please call the NIH IT Service Desk: 301-496-4357or submit a request on-line at

Who handles Pager issues regarding the Hearing Impaired?

Please contact the NIH IT Service Desk: 301-496-4357 or submit a request on-line at

How is the 102 Pager different from a regular Pager?

The 102 Pager System is Government owned and operated.
The 102 Pager System uses Government coordinated frequencies.
The 102 Pager System utilizes an "in-house" network with limited coverage of a 50 mile radius of NIH Campus.

What's the coverage area for my 102 Pager?

The 102 Paging System serves the entire NIH Campus and includes a radius of 50 miles.

Who owns the 102 Pager after it is purchased?

The IC has ownership of purchased 102 Pagers. The pager is Government property and should be used in accordance with NIH Telecommunications Policies and Guidelines

Who is responsible for the cost of the 102 pager?

The ICs are responsible for purchasing the 102 pagers from CIT using a CAN (Common Account Number).

How much does the 102 Pager cost?

Please refer to the Telecommunications Delivery and Fee Schedules and Wireless Communications Requirements

Is the NIH 102 Paging Network called by any other names?

The 102 Pager System may also be referred to as:
- The NIH Internal Paging System
- The NIH Paging Network
- The CC (Clinical Center) Paging Network



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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011