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Partner Focus meeting

What’s in it for me?

Build and strengthen relationships with CIT senior management. Set the agenda to include topics you would like to discuss – this is your meeting. Gain a unique “insider view” for what new IT advances are coming down the pipeline. Look at specific information and statistics related to your organization. Expand your points of contact in CIT put faces with names. Obtain answers to your specific IT questions. Learn what services your organization is receiving as part of the CIT assessments. (Download the full brochure now)

Key Players in the Partner Focus Meeting:

The meeting can involve as many or as few members as you would like. While the agenda will dictate who should attend, below is a recommended list to get you started:
Your Participants:
  • Executive Officer
  • CIO
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Budget Officer
  • Scientific Director
  • Any other IT staff
CIT Participants:
  • Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Division Directors from:
    • Division of Network Systems and Telecommunications
    • Division of Computer System Services
    • Division of Customer Support
    • Division of Enterprise Custom Applications
  • Your Relationship Manager (RM)

How do I set up the meeting?

Contact your CIT Relationship Manager to schedule a Partner Focus meeting.

How do I prepare for the meeting?

Think about any potential collaborative opportunities, questions, and concerns you have with CIT. These will be shared with the appropriate CIT division director through your RM prior to the meeting. Decide who you would like to attend the meeting. The location and date will be set at your convenience.

What happens at the meeting?

You will hear answers from CIT division representatives regarding your specific concerns and issues. They will also present current and future CIT services that could be beneficial to your organization.

Is there any follow up?

Any action items, outstanding issues and questions uncovered during the meeting will be documented and addressed following the meeting.

Customer testimonials from previous meetings

“The NIH Partner Focus meeting afforded HRSA the opportunity to better understand the technology service offerings we acquire from NIH as well as gain exposure to other services available to us. The outcomes of the Partner Focus further enhanced HRSA’s long standing partnership with NIH and opened the door to new opportunities for collaboration.” Catherine Flickinger, HRSA CIO Director, Office of Information Technology

“NIAAA participated in a “Partner Focus” meeting with CIT in August 2008.  The presentation provided an opportunity to meet many of the key staff at CIT and also gave us a chance to learn more about many services available to the ICs that were previously unknown to NIAAA.  Although NIAAA was utilizing some of CIT’s services, the meeting expanded our knowledge about options, facilitated decision-making about adding more services, and generally strengthened our partnership with CIT.” Robin Kawazoe, NIAAA Executive Officer

Your RM will be with you through it all. Be sure to let them know if you have any questions!

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011