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NHLBI From Genome to Disease Symposium

NHBLI and its 11 Programs for Genomics Applications had a two-day symposium on the application of genomics to biology, held in July of 2003.


We were contacted by the NHLBI Coordinator in the late fall and asked for both a site design and a registration system for this symposium.

Our Approach

The attendees needed to register for 4 different tutorial sessions, each offering four or five options. Our system allowed the symposium coordinators to track registrations as they came in and make updates as necessary. The system was used to print out a number of documents – rosters for each tutorial session, cards for each registrant's tutorial selections, badges for all registrants, and a participant list including all registrants, their affiliation, affiliation's location, and email address.


Registrations were received from 644 participants.

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