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Mainframe Printing Services

The NIH Data Center offers several printing options. Output from Titan can be listed at the central facility or at a local networked printer, conveniently located in the user's office.

Titan Printing at the Central Facility

The default standard Titan printing service features double-sided, cut-sheet forms in landscape mode, on high-volume laser printers.

Laser Printers

The standard printing service produces high quality output on laser printers, at approximately 229 pages per minute, on cut-sheet forms. This service is provided on the 2105 ES high-speed laser printing subsystem. Options include single-sided or double-sided (duplex) printing in landscape or portrait mode. In addition, 3-hole punched paper is available.

Impact Printers

The slower impact printers must be used for jobs which must print within 1/2 inch of the perforations between pages, do overprinting with any character except underline, or use pressure sensitive labels or multi-part forms.

Alternatives to Printing

For information on alternatives to printing mainframe output, go to:

Network Printing

Local Networked Printers–VPS

Users can print output from Titan to printers accessible via the NIHnet or the Internet using the VPS printing service. The output goes to printers attached to a PC, Mac, workstation, or local area network (LAN) connected to NIHnet and running an LPD server.

Printing through the Web

You can print Titan non-VSAM data sets (as long as they are not in WYLBUR edit format) through the web using SILK's Web Listoff facility or Web PDSLIST.

Web Listoff

Using the Web Listoff facility, you can print a Titan sequential data set or a single member of a partitioned data set through the web. Go to:

You will be able to pick your listing at the specified output box or a VPS printer.


To print all the members of a partitioned data set (PDS), use Web PDSLIST. This facility lets you view the output online, hold the job output for later use, or print the members PDS on the default mainframe printers or at a remote printer. However, with Web PDSLIST you cannot limit your listing to a single member of the partitioned data set (use Web Listoff instead). Go to:

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011