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Email Archiving

Welcome to EAS

Please note that this service will be retired and is therefore not accepting new customers.

If you are an existing EAS customer and need more information about the service, please go to the main Email Archiving/Vaulting Service page.

For technical information about this service, go to Email Archiving.

Important note for Outlook users: EAS is a bulk storage system (“vault”) for email and should not be confused with the “Archive” feature in Outlook that saves your email to PST files. You must disable all archiving rules within Outlook before you install EAS. If EAS and Outlook both attempt to archive your email, your email attachments could be lost. Likewise, if you manually move emails to folders and subfolders that are not within your mailbox and instead are PST files, EAS will be unable to locate their attachments and only the email stub will be retained. Please see the EAS Quick Reference Card in the EAS User’s Guide for further information about managing your email messages.

If you need additional help or have any questions about EAS, email the NIH CES Vault Administrators.

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011