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NIH Blue Light Emergency Phone System

There are more than 200 Blue Light Phones located throughout the NIH campus providing a direct voice link 24/7 to NIH Police, Fire and Rescue Services.

To operate a Blue Light phone do the following:

  • For all emergencies press the red “EMERGENCY” button and wait for a Police Operator to answer. When answered give your location, your name and the type of emergency you wish to report. If you are in imminent danger proceed immediately to a place of safety and call 911
  • For non-emergency calls press the black “CALL” button, wait for dial tone then using the keypad dial the ten digit number of the NIH extension to which you wish to connect. When finished place the receiver in its holder and your call will automatically terminate
  • To report a Blue Light Phone out of order: Go to the nearest working NIH telephone and dial 611 to reach the repair service attendant. If using a cell phone please dial 301-402-9935. Please be prepared to give the repair service attendant your name and office number, the telephone number of the Blue Light Phone you are reporting, its location and the nature of the repair being requested.
  • CIT Telecommunications processes orders for the installation, and programming of the Blue Light Emergency phones and options available to the NIH community. This includes coordination and review with the National Institutes of Health’s Division of Public Safety Chief of the Crime Prevention Branch.Additional information about ordering Telecom Products and Services

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011