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FTS Networx

Networx has replaced the General Services Administrations (GSA) FTS2001 contract for long-distance telecommunications. Delivered in two broadly scoped acquisitions, Networx Universal and Networx Enterprise, both will provide access to a variety of services and telecommunications service providers to meet the technological needs of the NIH community.

The Networx program provides:

  • Service continuity to all locations that are currently on the FTS2001 and competitive prices overall below current FTS2001 prices.

  • Full service offerings with a broad array of services and the ability to expand services throughout the life of the contracts. See Overview and services listings - Networx Overview/Services

  • Alternative sources - access to a broad spectrum of industry service providers, including the major telecommunications companies.

                          AT&T Corp.

                          MCI Communications Services Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business

                          Qwest Government Services, Inc.

                          Level 3 Communications, Inc.

                          Sprint Nextel Corp.

  • Operations support for ordering, billing, and inventory management functions and transition support for timely and efficient transition coordination and assistance.

  • Performance based contracts with Service Level Agreements to ensure contractor performance and quality of service.

To secure long distance telecommunications through CIT Telecommunications submit a Telephone Service Request using the CIT Website and a CIT Telecommunications associate will contact with your long distance service options.

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This page last reviewed: November 09, 2011